2020 Kawartha LAX Season

Hello Current and Potential LAX Enthusiasts!

We are in the process of beginning our 2020 season and that means emails have been sent to all current members! In the past we have experienced some issues getting messaging out due to our system being flagged as spam. So if you have not received an email from the club when you feel you should have please check your junk mail/spam mail and ensure you add us to your “approved” list!

Also we are currently accepting applications for coaches, if you are interested in becoming a coach please fill out the application here and submit it as per the instructions on the application.


Kawartha Fury Exec


  1. Hello,

    We have three children than would be interested in playing this season. We have put multiple years in at Uxbridge and have moved to Sunderland and the teams in Uxbridge have disbanded and kids have split between Stouffville and Pickering. So because of our proximity to Lindsay we would rather travel there.

    Are kids ages are 15, 13, and 11.

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