2021 Season Announcement

To All of our Lacrosse Players and Parents:

We wanted to give a shout-out to all the Lacrosse players who have been impacted by the past two lacrosse seasons due to the pandemic. We certainly didn’t anticipate two seasons of Lacrosse being cancelled due to this pandemic. Trylax / Practices / Games/Tournaments have all been cancelled due to Province wide lockdowns, and we can only imagine how emotionally draining this has been to our Lacrosse community and players.

Our organization has looked at every avenue possible to try and get these kids back out, however, due to the Province wide lockdown, sports organizations cannot commence until Step 2 of the Province wide lockdown begins – putting us into Mid-July or later.

Plain and simple this past year has been discouraging for both our organizations Executive team our players and families. So it comes with heavy hearts that we have come to terms with having to cancel Lacrosse for this season.

Message from Kawartha Lakes Lacrosse Association;

We recognize that all of our athletes have had to endure a very difficult time, we encourage all of our players to keep grinding, no matter the circumstances. Thank you for continuing to push through these lockdowns, please keep practicing with Lacrosse sticks in hand throughout your summer. We see light at the end of the tunnel and we hope that next season we can start fresh.

We strongly encourage the younger families to volunteer for next season, we will need all hands on deck, and require roles to be filled within the Executive team, in order for next new season to run smoothly.

Thank you again.

Kawartha Lakes Lacrosse Association

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