How long is the season?  (House league) 

Starts in early April and ends mid June with a Champions Tournament.  Champions tournament is the final wrap up to the season.  All tournament activity will be at the Lindsay Rec Center.

What is the Schedule / when do we get this?

We will be publishing the exact schedule very soon!!!

Where do I get help with this “online registration”?

Click on the “contact us” button, and you will be contacted.

What age is my child?  (this is my favorite question)

Once you know the age of your child, you enter the birthdate into the registration profile.  The registration process does the rest by selecting the proper division for you.  The age groups(divisions) are based on birth year.  See the “registration information” link for more information.

Will I need equipment?

Yes. Softlax requires a helmet and gloves.
Paperweight and above require full equipment. This includes stick, helmet, shoulder and arm pads, kidney pads, gloves, mouth guard, jock/jill.  Most of which can be used from Hockey.

What is the fundraising fee?
You pay up front, and receive tickets.  You can sell the tickets to recoup your money.  Prizes have historically been

1.   A season registration to KLMLA

2.   An I-PAD

3.  A flatscreen TV.

Are there additional costs?


Admission is free.

Pictures are free (you will have the option of purchasing more from the photographer.

Do house league teams do any “away tournaments”?

No, the season consists of the regular season games plus the one KLMLA champions weekend tournament.

Where are the venues?

All House League will be played out of the Lindsay Rec. Complex unless there is a scheduling conflict, then Little Britain or Fenelon Falls are typically used.

Is there a rep division?
Yes, see the website for more information about rep.

My son/daugher is xx old, but has never played before… can they start at this age?

Of course.