House League Schedule

Updated Thursday June 15, 2017 by Kawartha Lakes Minor Lacrosse Association.


April        Lindsay/Fenelon/Little Britain

**April 13th will be the first night of House League.  During this session we will be evaluating the players to ensure we make fair teams.  Games will start the following week on April 18th.


After Both Pads Open in Lindsay (May/June)......

Division Lindsay Fenelon Falls Little Britain Time

May 2nd
May 4th
May 9th
May 11th
May 16th
May 18th
May 23rd
May 25th
May 30th

June 1st
June 6th
June 8th
June 13th
June 17th Champions weekend

June 15th   6-7pm
Tyke May 2nd (White Bandits vs Blackwolves)

May 4th (Red Rock vs Blackwolves)

May 9th (White Bandits vs Red Rock)

May 11th (White Bandits vs Blackwolves)

May 16th (Red Rock vs Blackwolves)

May 18th (White Bandits vs Red Rock)

May 23rd (White Bandits vs Blackwolves)

May 25th (Red Rock vs Blackwolves)

May 30th (White Bandits vs Red Rock)

June 6th (Red Rock vs Blackwolves)

June 8th (White Bandits vs Red Rock)

June 13th (White Bandits vs Blackwolves)

June 17th Champions weekend
June 1st (White Bandits vs Blackwolves)

June 15th (Red Rock vs Blackwolves)

Novice/Peewee May 2nd (Stealth vs Roughnecks)

May 4th (Hitmen vs Roughnecks)

May 9th (Stealth vs Hitmen)

May 11th (Stealth vs Roughnecks)

May 16th (Hitmen vs Roughnecks)

May 18th (Stealth vs Hitmen)

May 23rd (Stealth vs Roughnecks)

May 25th (Hitmen vs Roughnecks)

May 30th (Stealth vs Hitmen)

June 1st (Stealth vs Roughnecks

June 6th (Hitmen vs Roughnecks)

June 8th (Stealth vs Hitmen)

June 13th (Stealth vs Roughnecks)

June 17th Champions weekend
June 15th (Hitmen vs Roughnecks)

**Champions weekend will be held June 17th  at the Lindsay Rec. Complex


Saturday June 17th

8             Paperweight Round Robin (all 3 teams play each other per normal floor time)

9             Tyke                                                    Red Rock vs White Bandits

10           Nov/Pee                                            Hitmen vs Stealth

11           Softlax (fun games – not a structured game)

11:30     Paperweight Championship Game (top 2 teams)

12:30     Tyke                                                    BlackWolves vs White Bandits

1:30       Nov/Peewee                                    Roughnecks vs Stealth

2:30       Fastest Shot

3             Tyke Championship Game             (top 2 teams)

4:15       Nov/Pee Championship game      (top 2 teams)