House League and SoftLax Details SCHEDULE 2017 **Venue Change**

Updated Thursday June 15, 2017 by Kawartha Lakes Minor Lacrosse Association.



Exciting News!

Kawartha Lakes Lacrosse has an exciting announcement about the House League Lacrosse season.

This season Kawartha Lakes house league lacrosse will be operating out of the Lindsay Rec Centre, Fenelon Falls Community Centre and Little Britain Community Centre for the first month of the season.  In May we will be moving primarly into the Lindsay Rec Centre for the remainder of the season.  We will have full access to both pads most of the time here, which will benefit our organization and families.  This will allow organizers to better oversee each age group, promote fair play and answer all questions on the spot.  It will also allow families to better organize schedules knowing that they will always be at the same arena.

The KLMLA is always trying to grow the game in the Kawartha Lakes region, this move will allow us greater publicity and advertising by being in the heart of the Kawartha Lakes.  We hope you see the benefits this will have for our organization and continue in the same direction of growth and commitment to excellence with Kawartha Lakes Minor Lacrosse.

We look forward to another great season of Fury Lacrosse!

SOFTLAX will begin Wednesday April 12th and run to June 14th (10 Wednesdays) at Alexandra Public School from 6:30pm to 7:30pm 



April        Lindsay/Fenelon/Little Britain

**April 13th will be the first night of House League.  During this session we will be evaluating the players to ensure we make fair teams.  Games will start the following week on April 18th.


After Both Pads Open in Lindsay (May/June)......

Division Lindsay Fenelon Falls Little Britain Time

May 2nd
May 4th
May 9th
May 11th
May 16th
May 18th
May 23rd
May 25th
May 30th

June 1st
June 6th
June 8th
June 13th
June 17th Champions weekend

June 15th   6-7pm
Tyke May 2nd (White Bandits vs Blackwolves)

May 4th (Red Rock vs Blackwolves)

May 9th (White Bandits vs Red Rock)

May 11th (White Bandits vs Blackwolves)

May 16th (Red Rock vs Blackwolves)

May 18th (White Bandits vs Red Rock)

May 23rd (White Bandits vs Blackwolves)

May 25th (Red Rock vs Blackwolves)

May 30th (White Bandits vs Red Rock)

June 6th (Red Rock vs Blackwolves)

June 8th (White Bandits vs Red Rock)

June 13th (White Bandits vs Blackwolves)

June 17th Champions weekend
June 1st (White Bandits vs Blackwolves)

June 15th (Red Rock vs Blackwolves)

Novice/Peewee May 2nd (Stealth vs Roughnecks)

May 4th (Hitmen vs Roughnecks)

May 9th (Stealth vs Hitmen)

May 11th (Stealth vs Roughnecks)

May 16th (Hitmen vs Roughnecks)

May 18th (Stealth vs Hitmen)

May 23rd (Stealth vs Roughnecks)

May 25th (Hitmen vs Roughnecks)

May 30th (Stealth vs Hitmen)

June 1st (Stealth vs Roughnecks

June 6th (Hitmen vs Roughnecks)

June 8th (Stealth vs Hitmen)

June 13th (Stealth vs Roughnecks)

June 17th Champions weekend
June 15th (Hitmen vs Roughnecks)

**Champions weekend will be held June 17th  at the Lindsay Rec. Complex


Saturday June 17th

8             Paperweight Round Robin (all 3 teams play each other per normal floor time)

9             Tyke                                                    Red Rock vs White Bandits

10           Nov/Pee                                            Hitmen vs Stealth

11           Softlax (fun games – not a structured game)

11:30     Paperweight Championship Game (top 2 teams)

12:30     Tyke                                                    BlackWolves vs White Bandits

1:30       Nov/Peewee                                    Roughnecks vs Stealth

2:30       Fastest Shot

3             Tyke Championship Game             (top 2 teams)

4:15       Nov/Pee Championship game      (top 2 teams)


2017 Kawartha Fury House League Lacrosse changes and Overview

Kawartha Minor Lacrosse has made some changes to the house league format for the 2017 season. First off, we will be changing the practice and game format. This year each team will have a 20 minute practice followed by a 40 minute game versus an opponent for the first 4 weeks. After the first 4 weeks, it will go into straight games versus an opponent. The first 4 weeks of practice will focus on the basics of offense, defense and player safety. We will be allowing modified contact in each division. It will be monitored and continually taught throughout the season. This will include: how to cross check, how to receive a cross check, body positioning on loose balls and body positioning near the boards. This will ensure each player plays with the confidence they need to be successful on the floor.

Also, for the 2017 season, we will be including representative players from paperweight through to peewee divisions. All players in the age groups paperweight to peewee will register for house league lacrosse first and then have the opportunity to tryout for his/hers box representative team if they wish. Please note that if the child is wishing to play Kawartha Lakes rep field lacrosse only, it is a separate registration and they do not have to register for house league before trying out.

Upon successfully making their respective rep team the players yearly fee will be adjusted accordingly. If the player choses not to tryout for a rep team they will pay a one time fee upon registration.  Rep players from paperweight to peewee will be expected to participate in house league practices and games that do not conflict with their rep schedule. Without the support from representative players in the house league program it will be very difficult to successfully run a program that will help develop players. Our goal is to grow as an organization and with your support Kawartha Lakes lacrosse has a very promising future.

We have chosen to include rep players for various reasons, one major reason being player development. Many young lacrosse players are visual learners and by adding rep players it will improve the quality of lacrosse on the floor. New players to the game will benefit from participating with rep players by improving their own skills. Ball movement, knowledge of the game and individual player development will all increase for newcomers and rep players.


Another major reason why rep players have been included in house league is to increase numbers in each division. By increasing numbers, we are able to increase the number of games played and number of teams in each division.


Rep players in house league is a proven model for player development. We hope to make 2017 an exciting year for lacrosse and it begins with your participation! We look forward to seeing all returning families in the rinks and we welcome all new families to Kawartha Lakes lacrosse.


Thank you,

Kawartha Lakes Minor Lacrosse Association


2016 House League Registration Fees

Division Birth Years

Registration Fee

Peanut (Soft Lax) 2013 & 2014 $90
Paperweight 2011 & 2012 $160.00
Tyke 2009 & 2010 $220.00
Novice 2007 & 2008 $220.00
Peewee 2005 & 2006 $220.00
Bantam 2003 & 2004 $220.00



How long is the season?  (Houseleague) 

Starts in early April and ends mid June with a Champions Tournament.  Champions tournament is the final wrap up to the season.  All tournament activity will be at the Lindsay Rec Center.

How do I register for Rep only?

When registration opens, there will be only one option, Houseleauge. After tryouts for rep, those players that make the team will have their profiles updated accordingly and will be requirred to pay the remaining balance as rep is a bit more money than house leauge.

What is the Schedule / when do we get this?

We will be publishing the exact schedule very soon!!!


Where do I get help with this "online registration"?

Click on the "contact us" button, and you will be contacted.


What age is my child?  (this is my favorite question)

Once you know the age of your child, you enter the birthdate into the registration profile.  The registration process does the rest by selecting the proper division for you.  The age groups(divisions) are based on birth year.  See the "registration information" link for more information.


Will I need equipment?

Yes. Softlax requires a helmet and gloves.
Paperweight and above require full equipment. This includes stick, helmet, shoulder and arm pads, kidney pads, gloves, mouth guard, jock/jill.  Most of which can be used from Hockey.


What is the fundraising fee?
You pay up front, and receive tickets.  You can sell the tickets to recoup your money.  Prizes have historically been

1.   A season registration to KLMLA

2.   An I-PAD

3.  A flatscreen TV.


Are there additional costs?


Admission is free.

Pictures are free (you will have the option of purchasing more from the photographer.


Do house league teams do any "away tournaments"?

No, the season consists of the regular season games plus the one KLMLA champions weekend tournament.


Where are the venues?

Paperweight and above will be played at Fenelon and Lindsay/Little Britain.

(potentially utilizing another arena in the event either of these are unavailable)


Is there a rep division?
Yes, see the website for more information about rep.


My son/daugher is xx old, but has never played before... can they start at this age?

Of course.


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